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VAX and Alpha Hardware Emulation on a PC Host

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vtVAX Key Features

  • vtVAX runs on physical or virtual 32-bit and 64-bit AMD or Intel x86 architecture processors. vtVAX installs as an application under Microsoft Windows or on Bare Metal (a processor with no host operating system pre-installed). Please see the vtvax Host System Requirements vtVAX Host System Requirements page on our web site for host system hardware and operating system requirements.
  • vtVAX replaces single-CPU VAX servers with up to 512 MB memory; virtual VAX 7000 systems can be configured with 1-4 CPUs and up to 1 GB of memory on the Windows platform or 1-6 CPUs and up to 3.5 GB on Bare Metal.
  • Each virtualized VAX model follows the characteristics of the VAX hardware it is derived from, i.e. it requires the corresponding level of VAX/VMS license units and supports the peripherals particular to that VAX model.
  • Upgrading to a faster host system provides faster performance.
  • The Instruction Caching (IC) option provides further performance gains for CPU-intensive applications, with results that may be multiple times that of the real VAX.
  • Multiple instances of vtVAX can execute on a single PC server, simplifying PC administration and reducing footprint. On the Bare Metal platform, instances of vtVAX and vtAlpha may run concurrently on the same host.
  • vtVAX can be configured as a VMS NI-cluster member or as a cluster member with shared disk clustering; the MOP protocol is supported.
  • Integration with modern data storage solutions including SATA, SAS, iSCSI, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, Fiber Channel, FC/IC, FCoE and Cloud Storage is supported.
  • High-speed, full duplex Ethernet adapters may be installed on the host without modification to the VAX system drivers, providing considerable increase in network throughput, allowing for large numbers of simultaneous users via LAT terminal servers. A variety of popular third-party X-terminal emulators are supported.
  • DECnet and TCP/IP network protocols can execute simultaneously. All legacy network protocols used on the VAX (DECnet, LAP, MOP, SCA) are supported.
  • On Windows systems, vtVAX can operate as an unattended Windows service to simplify restart and Windows utilities can be used for automated backup to disk or network.