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vtVAX New Features

This page provides a summary of the significant new features in each release of vtVAX for Windows. For detailed information, please see the Release Notes (click on the version number heading).

The new features in vtVAX for Bare Metal are listed with the Bare Metal platform new features.

vtVAX for Windows installation kit now available in "upgrade" package for systems with Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed; full "install" kit provides .NET.

V2.3.0.0 (17-Jun-2021)

  • Added vtape filter for tape conversion utility.
  • Rebuilt code under platform toolset Visual Studio VS2019 (v142)
  • Added support for .NET4.5.2 and C++2015.

V2.2.0.40 (30-May-2017)

  • Fixed DSSI read/write operations with unaligned byte counts (4100 and 7000 models only).
  • Corrected vtSID tool to change the SID value (7000 model only).
  • Modified memory management to solve SMP memory corruption issue (7000 model only).

V2.2.0.36 (13-Jul-2016)

  • Added support for removable virtual disks and tapes that are not present when OpenVMS is booted.
  • Changes to the host system clock while the emulator is running will not affect the OpenVMS system time.
  • Fixed two problems with VAX 4100 serial ports that could result in OpenVMS bugchecks or I/O timeouts.

V2.2.0.35 (7-Mar-2016)

  • Added option for access password for console interfaces.
  • Added support for concurrent use of temporary and permanent licenses for the same product.
  • Fixed a problem that caused disk controller packet cancelled messages.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause memory corruption in very rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a VAX 7000 DSSI configuration problem.

V2.2.0.30 (14-May-2015)

  • Added support for VAX 4000-90.
  • Added Run from Service capability.
  • Fixed a problem which caused TX serial line device to be non-responsive in configurations with two XQ network adapters. [MVII, 3900, 4100, 4200]
  • Fixed an Instruction Caching bug that could cause an instruction to fail in very rare circumstances. [all]

V2.2.0.25 (1-Dec-2014)

  • Fixed a problem which caused DSSI-based systems running OpenVMS versions 5.5-2H4 and earlier to run out of non-paged pool over a period of several weeks. [4100, 4200, 7000]
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in satellite node boot failures with NISCS_PORT_SERV set to 3. [7000]

V2.2.0.24 (17-Dec-2013)

  • vtVAX for Windows installation kit now available in "upgrade" package for systems with Microsoft .NET 3.5 installed; full "install" kit provides .NET.
  • CPU Idle feature renamed to EcoMode
  • Ethernet packets with frame size larger than 1518 bytes, known as jumbo packets, are filtered before delivery to the virtual network adapter.
  • Correct occasional HostUnavailable errors. [4100,7000]
  • Correct start/stop delay error. [7000]
  • Correct problem causing I/O CPUs to spin. [7000]
  • Correct I/O purging problem that caused virtual memory exhausted system crashes. [7000]

V2.2.0.21 (28-Sep-2013)

  • Support for VAX 7000 models 610-640.
  • VAX 7000 memory up to 1 GB.
  • Add CPU Idle feature to allow the host CPU to idle when the emulated CPU is idle, conserving power and prolonging CPU life.
  • Increased the maximum unit ID for Q-bus devices to 9999.
  • Added a Vtape file filter to the tape conversion utility.

V2.2.0.16 (18-Apr-2013)

  • Support for VAX 4200 CPU
  • Support for DSSI on VAX 4100 and VAX 4200 CPUs
  • Added License Utility option to Tools menu
  • Added serial port pacing for IP-to-serial devices that buffer serial line data

V1.1.0.22 (2-Nov-12)

  • SID tool is available.
  • Various bug fixes (see Release Notes).

V1.1.0.19 (7-Mar-12)

  • Permanent licenses now display as unlimited instead of counting down from 9998 days (27 1/3 years).
  • Recognize VAX 3600 in configuration.
  • Fix shadowing issue caused by old data being held in SCSI FIFO (4100)
  • Fix TKQ50 and RQDX3 errors that were creating extraneous new threads. (MVII/3900/4100)
  • Fix various device errors (see Release Notes).