Virtualization Solutions for
OpenVMS & Tru64 Systems

VAX and Alpha Hardware Emulation on a PC Host

HW Replacement + Server Consolidation + Business Continuity

Improve Reliability * Decrease Cost * Enhance Productivity

About Vere Technologies and vtVAX

Who We Are...

Our message: vtVAX and vtAlpha are affordable, fully supported and 'green.'

Our goal: To protect your investment in your applications and your people.

Vere (rhymes with fair) aspires to turn our collective expertise into affordable solutions for your business. We offer technical support (around the clock if necessary), a staffed Help Desk, problem resolution and no-charge upgrades.

Once installed, vtVAX and vtAlpha save on maintenance, take up less space, and reduces environmental costs. In one test, a vtAlpha instance used over 60% less power than the Alpha Server system it replaced; The Eco App reduced power consumption by an additional 25% for a total reduction of over 70%. Multiple instances of vtVAX and vtAlpha can be run on the same PC host; consolidating multiple Alpha systems on to a single PC host can provide even greater savings.

Our resellers and representatives worldwide are OpenVMS and Tru64 subject matter experts, supporting systems in a wide range of industries from defense and manufacturing to high finance and health care.

Our partners are leading suppliers of OpenVMS and Tru64 emulation solutions.