Virtualization Solutions for
OpenVMS & Tru64 Systems

VAX and Alpha Hardware Emulation on a PC Host

Hardware Replacement + Server Consolidation + Business Continuity

Improve Reliability * Decrease Cost * Enhance Productivity

Let us help you with your legacy systems
Run your VAX and Alpha apps on a new, fast PC

vtVAX keeps your VAX-based applications running to protect your business.

Keep your OpenVMS &
Tru64 applications running
to protect your business

Why Virtualize?

Your VAX and Alpha systems have served you well for years, if not decades. They have returned your investment in them many times over.

But if you have responsibility for your company's operations or its bottom line then you understand the stress that goes with legacy hardware ownership. Nothing lasts forever.

Virtualization technology works. In the last decade there has been a proliferation of virtual solutions for hardware, operating systems, storage, even video games.

Only a few of these offerings replace legacy hardware. Many virtualize brand new technologies simply because virtualization saves money and space.

For VAX and Alpha system owners, the topic is more urgent. It's not just a conservation issue. It's a preservation issue. You need to find a way to keep your OpenVMS based applications running to maintain your business. This is where we can help you!

Your OpenVMS operating system, DEC layered software, third-party packages and homegrown user applications execute unmodified on vtVAX and vtAlpha. No code conversion is required. Users do not need to be retrained.


vtVAX upgrades your VAX system and protects your business

vtVAX and vtAlpha Product Information

vtVAX and vtAlpha are cost-effective replacements for almost any VAX or Alpha system. They run on modern PCs, thereby saving money on maintenance, power, cooling, etc.

Product Updates

vtVAX is now available on Bare Metal as well as Windows. vtVAX and vtAlpha instances can run on the same Bare Metal host platform simultaneously, providing increased cost-effictiveness.

vtVAX is now capable of directly emulating VAX 4000-90 systems. Other recent enhancements include: the capability to use vtVAX Manager to create and manage a Windows service which automatically starts and restarts, if necessary, selected vtVAX instances; Instruction Caching performance enhancements; support for vtServer virtual switches (Bare Metal only); and support for binary mode serial-over-IP.


Version 2.10.0 of vtServer includes UEFI boot support and an updated host control kernel that includes support for a variety of new hardware components.

Other recent enhancements include: significant Floating Point instruction performance improvements; virtual DE600 network interface support; PBXDA serial line data logging; full TruCluster support, including Fibre Channel based storage; enhanced support for legacy storage adapters; email alerts for serious system administration issues; and various management interface and vtMonitor improvements.

See the vtAlpha New Features list on our web site for more details about recent changes.


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